Wednesday, January 02, 2008

shake the funk.....

it is time. i must shake it and shake it real good. the funk that is. not my junk. unless, shaking the funk inadvertently shakes the junk? i will have to get back to you on that one.

on 12/1 i ran a solid 7 miles. on 12/2 i logged an hour on my then new trainer. since then i have been dealing with an awful burning and twingy left iliotibial (IT) band. while i experienced some minor issues with this during marathon training it was never this bad. this little bastard is even messing with my knee.

so, i shut down the running. heck, i basically shut it all down. the holidays can do that. thinking about this i just realized this is my first extended break from "working out" in the two years since i become obsessed with "working out." prior to this i considered 3 days off in a one week a break. ?

anyway, i picked up one of those mythical foam rollers from target and after one session with it the leg felt better. i continue to roll it out and it is getting better, but still an issue. you should see me rolling around on this thing. it is not the easiest thing to do and it hurts like heck and i look like a dork (so the wife has proclaimed!). maybe a YouTube video is in order?

i did not clear the 3000 miles of cycling and running i had lined up in my sites in November. however, i did get back on the road with a little 3 mile run on New Years Eve. it felt really good to be outside and running. this jaunt put me over 800 miles running for 2008. not bad for a cyclist.

yesterday, i took part in my New Years Day tradition and ate Taco Bell for lunch. a lot of it. it reminds me of where i was and where i am. long live the Bell.

before i can fully shake this funk i first my wrap up 2007. that means the 2007 wrap up blog post is forthcoming. then the 2008 goal post. then and then and then and then and then and then.......


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