Monday, January 14, 2008

epic, just not yet.

2008 has started off strangely for me.

first, back on 12/1 i stressed out my left IT Band. well, the 800 running miles i logged last year, including the 12/1 run, has it burning like a mutha. it's an odd thing and i am still dealing with it. lots of time off, the foam roller, the stick, and lots of time off has it feeling better.

at times it has been a bit depressing. for two years i worked out. TWO YEARS. i love cycling in the summer and running in the winter. it sucks when your body (or damn leg) will not let you. i am dealing with it.

next, something else that rarely happens to me, an extended sickness. for the last 13 days i have been battling, along with seemingly everyone else, a nasty flu / sinus thing. i am talking thick and green head hurting stuff here.

i know, cry me a river, blah blah blah. you all want the epic 2007 recap post. it is in the works, just not yet.

finally, i have been very busy with a most fantastic home project. we are having our basement finished. there is a dedicated home theater in the plans. i am talking 110 inches of screen folks. i pulled and installed over 1000 feet of low voltage cable for the home theater space this weekend. i enjoyed every foot.

check out that flickr thingy on your right for some exciting pictures. yes, the exciting part was a joke.


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