Monday, February 04, 2008

get on with it.........

man, this basement obsessing is really taking up a lot of my time. it is fun though. construction is projected to be complete in two weeks. i should have all my equipment up and running a couple days after that. the grand opening of the AMJ Cinema should be in about 3 weeks then. good times.

alright, lets get on with 2008. i have plans to cycle and cycle a lot. there will be some running if and when the left IT Band allows it.

so far i have filled my 2008 calander with these events:
  • BFNIC Spring Classic, 4/27. A 62 mile ride in New Glarus, WI this year. No goal, but to enjoy. (ok, and to keep up with Recursive)
  • JBC Sudden Century, 5/4. First century (100 miles) of the season. Goal is to survive the wind.
  • Soldier Field 10, 5/24. A ten mile run with the finish on the 50 yard line! Goal is to stomp my buddy. The same buddy who talked me into, then backed out of, the Chicago Marathon.
  • Udder Century, 6/1. Another 100 miler. Goal is sub 5 hour ride time.
  • JBC 4th Metric, 7/4. A 62 mile ride I use for RAIN training. This means fast and limited stops.
  • RAIN, 7/12. One Way, One Day, 160 miles. Goal is to better last years most excellent time.
  • Dairyland Dare, 8/16. The big ride for 08. It's 300K (186 miles) with over 20,000 feet of climbing. Holy Crap Batman. Did I just type that!?@?
  • Psychos Century, 8/24. I may go for the 124 mile route this year.
  • Psimet Invitational, 9/27. 100 miles with the BFNIC gang.
  • Harvest 5k Run, 9/28. Not sure if it is doable a day after 100 mile ride, but I like challanges.
  • Gobbler Hobbler 10k Run, 11/8. I love the fall running season. I hope the body cooperates.
  • 3000 Cycling Miles for the year.

i think that about covers it. there will be some fun training rides up in Wisconsin for sure. maybe a cycling race in August? maybe a few more Fall running events? right now i am focused on my basement, buidling my cycling base, and my basement.

peace out. later.

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