Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reduced Threat Level....

but still on guard.

getting AIRBORNE & NAKED seems to be working as i have managed to avoid the Strep Throat outbreak at my household.

focusing on work is difficult. luckily, this is my last day until next Tuesday. tomorrow i hit the Expo. late morning i think. the runs this weeks are really just to keep the wheels in motion. i feel good. the aches have diminished. i am ready to rock it.
i guess i need to through out a goal? being a virgin the obvious one is to finish. however, i normally aim a bit higher, or in this case lower. originally it was 4 hours. in my mind i know i really want a sub 4. maybe 3:50, 3:45, 3:40?? who knows.
i will be starting in the open corral and the fastest pace group there is 4 hours. from there i will adjust on the run to the run.
the weather forecast has flipped flopped Chicago style. a record high is now projected. cooler would be better (duh!), but it is what it is. i mean i trained in some pretty hot and humid weather this summer, so bring it.
one last item. using the runner tracking feature at my chip split times will be posted in real time to this blog. not that anyone cares or will be tuning in for the stats, but i just think it is cool and the gang.

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