Monday, October 29, 2007

The Mile

It is the classic running distance. It starts with childhood and P.E. class. It is the distance used to measure millions of teenagers fitness levels on a daily basis. We get away from the mile as we get older. A lot of Americans get away from exercise all together, but that is another subject, or rant, for another day.

On my 34th birthday I decided to hit a local track and run ONE timed mile. Let us call this the Birthday Mile. I hope as the years tick tock away I will continue to run the Birthday Mile. One day, when I am 70, I can look back at the efforts and wonder; How the heck was I faster at 45 then 35???

Luckily for me there are two High Schools within a 10 mile radius of my house. See, the first one I went to was all locked up. The second one had one open gate, which clearly indicated it was o.k. to run on the track. :)

It was crappy, cold windy and rainy. I was a bit hung over from a late night of pre birthday partying with the wife. I warmed up easy with a couple laps, then stretched, then depanted (to my shorts you crazy people), then set the iPod to start with some Outkast, then hit start on the Garmin, then ran until I felt like I was going to puke.

So, at age 34 the Birthday Mile clocks in at 6:25.

A little less wine, more sleep, and better weather might have assisted in a faster time, BUT you only have one chance a year at the Birthday Mile.


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