Friday, October 26, 2007

What to do? What to do?

With completion of the Marathon I was really hoping to log some significant cycling miles. However, the 94 degree heat & humidity we had on Marathon Race Day has gone bye bye real quick. While I have managed a couple of rides, including a nice 51 miler last weekend, the colder, shorter days are not my friend.

Last year at this time I was transitioning from cycling to running. The start of me becoming a runner. It was new. It was fun. It took my fitness to a most awesome new level. Now I struggle with what to do. Sure I can just keep running, but I have been running all summer. Yeah, I know some of you will say it is that post marathon depression crap. Me, I just think I miss my bike and the BFNIC gang.

Alright, done with that. Next up is my birthday. In the cycling world we like to ride our age on our birthday. That would be a nice and easy 34 miles for me. However, the weather does not look so great for Saturday.

What do we runners do our birthdays? I certainly do not think a 34 mile run is doable for me. It was suggested that I hit the track for a timed 1 mile run. It would be something I could do every year on my birthday. I would of course time, log, and track it. Then on my 80th birthday I can look back at the times and wonder how the heck was I faster at 40 then 34. Sounds like good times.

The other option would be a long run of 17 miles. Yep, you are quick, that would be a run equal to half my age.

I am attending a Halloween party this weekend too. It would be this same party last year that I was talked into doing the 2007 Chicago Marathon. The other two boobs never even got started with training. I will have my eye on them and their bright ideas this time around!


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