Saturday, August 04, 2007

I Was Just Running......

So, I have been transitioning, a bit, from cycling to running. I am trying to determine if I can get ready for the Chicago Marathon. Well, I actually decided in mid July I would go ahead and run Chicago, but recent events, a.k.a crappy runs, has me re-thinking my re-thinking of my thinking about the Marathon????

This weeks runs were not good. There was the after dinner run that was slow and sluggish. There was the in the heat run that involved some walking and HOTNESS. Then the attempted weekend long run where at mile 2 I wanted to quit, mile 4 I felt I could run all day and finally at mile 6 my knee felt like it was going to explode. I made the planned mileage for the first two, but only got 8 of the 10 miles I planned for today.

With only one ride in for this week and three poor running efforts I am not sure my plan, running three days a week and cycling two, is going to work. Not sure it's enough running, but more concerned that I can even find the time to attempt the plan.

Plus, after Thursday effort in the heat I came down with what appears to be a cold. I went to bed that night at 8:30pm! Maybe it's more that then anything else?? Or maybe I need to let cycling go and focus on running. Try to log 4 weekly runs with 1 ride. Or maybe I just need to stop crying about here, go take a nap, drink some Naked Juice and get to freaking work!

Maybe. Later.

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