Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July was good to me..........

Great weather, quality rides, fun organized events, and my return to running (or more specifically my commitment to Chicago 2007) have me wishing July would never end.

These days find me busy. Family and work pretty much make me a "weekend warrior" when it comes to cycling. So, logging 566 cycling miles is a big deal for me. The key for me has been making a commitment to get out early on the weekends. This allows me to get the cycling miles in and limit the time taken away from the family.

Running is a bit different as it generally takes less time. Marathon training will bring longer runs and require more time, but I am just entering this phase :) !!!

The July Stats:

Rides: 11
Total Time: 31:22:22
Avg. Speed: 18.1 MPH
Total Dist.: 566.6 Mi
Total Cal. Burned: 27286

Runs: 7
Total Time: 04:37:21
Avg. Mi Pace: 9:21
Total Dist.: 33.7 Mi
Total Cal. Burned: 4573

How was your July? Later.

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