Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How Did You Get Here............?

Making my way through all the Tour de France Doping post at I came across one titled; "How did you get into the sport?" For some reason I found myself laying out my response in a very thoughtful (for me) way. It just felt right to post it. Maybe it was, or is, too much information, but it just came out. So, I share it here, with you.

in grade school i had a pretty blue schwinn traveler that i would race around the neighborhood. it was a great getaway vehicle. i think riding was always in my blood, but didnt do any in high school or college or after that.....?

fast forward to full blown adulthood and 2004. married, trying to have a kid, and getting fat. i use to play a lot of basketball, but being fat and out of shape made that hard. my lower back and knees couldnt take the summer 3 on 3 tournaments anymore. through in some anger and drinking issues and i was a real miserable SOB.

a good friend of mine was just getting hardcore about triathlons and cycling. he did some sprint triathlons that involved mountain biking. so, in late 2004 i got a specialized hardrock sport. i really enjoyed riding singletrack, but found it hard on my body (neck and back). plus, i had to load the bike & gear up then drive to the singletrack and it all took too much time.

2005 the wife gets pregnant. i convince her i need a road bike. it will save me time. i can just jump on it and leave from the house. she could care less, but rubber stamps the purchase and in june i get a trek 1000. the pregnancy and subsequent birth is difficult and i dont really ride much in 2005.

i change my life in 2006. i embrace being a father and a husband. i change my diet, exercise, and drop 30 pounds by may (70ish for the year). i meet dudes on the internet who i ride centuries with. i get a new bike in august. i ride more centuries with said dudes. i cant ride enough. i log 2500 miles my first year.

now, i love my life and my bike. that is all. later.

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