Friday, July 13, 2007

One Day, One Way, 160 Miles

Go time. The gang departs today, high noon. I am ready. I think. My easy ride yesterday was uneventful, if not, a bit more difficult then it should have been. Thank you Mr. 15mph Headwind.
Goal for RAIN? You know me, I love my goals. Last year the ride time was decent at 9 hours 22 minutes. The total time was brutal at over 12 hours. The breaks were too many and too long, but needed, so that's that.
Quick facts: I am 10 pounds lighter for this start. I have more miles under my butt. My fitness level is solid and I may be peaking (?). It should not be as HOT! The not so good: I have some minor left knee pain. My neck and back is tied up in knots. It could be hotter then I think.
Alrighty then, the goal is a Total Time of 10 hours. This means limited stops. My thoughts are ride a 18 mph avg for the 160 miles. This is around 9 hours of ride time and leaves me a buffer of an hour for breaks, mishaps, and general suffering that I love so much.

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