Sunday, March 04, 2007

That's Gonna Leave a Mark........

Today was a PR day for me on the distance front AND on the discomfort front. It went something like this;

Miles 2 to 5, really bad stomach and number two issues. Miles 5 to finish had my left knee and right hip feeling like they were going to explode. Mile 6 I had to stop to tie my left shoelace. At mile 8.5 the right shoelace came untied, but I ran on. At mile 9 the left one got bored and began flapping in the wind with the right. Good thing the goal was only 9 miles.

With all that being blogged, I still managed to keep a 9:07 pace for the 9 miles. I was out there for 1 hour 22 minutes. That evil cold winter wind was blowing around 15 mph from the west and half my run was straight in to it. It made the 20 degree temp feel like 5. At least the sun was out spreading hope that Spring is near.

So, why all the issues. First, the not so fun to talk about stomach and twossie issues are my own fault. My diet has been pretty poor lately. Well, poor for someone training for a Half Marathon. I mean loading up on Deep Dish Pizza and Red Wine the night before a long run is really dumb. Too much cheese really clogs things up for me..........Now that is too much information :) !

I think the knee and hip issues are shoe related. I have about 70 miles on my 2006 Nike Air Pegasus and this was their first run over 5 miles. They also have a ton of toe box room, which feels weird. I may need to revert back to my older more cushioned Nike Air Max Solas. They are heavier and reaching the end of their life with 295 miles logged. What a poor time to have shoe issues.

I may hit the running shoe store tomorrow, but is two weeks enough time to break in a pair of shoes? I would think not?? Later.

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