Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey Tough Guy......

Slow it down!!

Yeah, it is almost 80 degrees AND March, but your cycling season has just started.

OK, so the weather was, and still is today, off the charts fabulous this weekend. The 06 Giant TCR C2 made its debut on Saturday. I departed around 9am and while it was warm it was overcast and drizzly, but very warm.

Right out of the box I was excited to see how high my cycling fitness level was. That five months of running 20 mpw has me primed and ready! I logged 30 miles Saturday. I felt great afterwards. A little muddy, but otherwise fantastic.

Then came Sunday. The ride started out well, but the last ten miles hurt. As I headed home into the wind the legs went dead. I mean totally dead! I had nothing. I trudged back home for another 30 miles for a total of 60 miles for the weekend.

I was totally fatigued the rest of the day. I couldn't shake it. Plus, I got the sore butt. Yep, like anything else, you need to ease into it. The body needs to adjust to the new activity. There is plenty of cycling left this season.

Do NOT worry my running friends. This is not the end of me running. Just a slight slow down. The goal is 2 to 3 runs a week while the cycling picks up. I still have this little 26.2 mile run planned for October.


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