Monday, March 12, 2007

The End Is Near......

I am in the final week of Half Marathon Preparation. Yesterday I completed the longest run of my life, TEN MILES. I have followed Hal Higdon's Novice Training plan almost perfectly. I moved runs and workouts when life called for it. I missed no runs, in fact most weeks I ran more then called for as I had built a decent base prior to starting. I did miss or skip a couple of Strength and Cross Training efforts, but for the most part I was hardcore about keeping to the Plan. I should be ready for March Madness, the Half Marathon!

So, I ran TEN miles yesterday. The time was 1:22:48 for a average pace of 8:33 Min/Mile. This was the pace I was aiming for and hope to achieve for the Half. I switched back to my old sneakers and the left knee felt better. However, I experienced some serious tightness near the end of the run in the knee. I see plenty of ICE in this knee's immediate future!

It is crazy that running for One Hour Thirty Minutes is so taxing on the body. I mean I can ride a bike for Six Hours and not feel half the pain, or is that enjoyment??

Speaking of cycling it is warming up for us MidWesterners. With temps over 50 degrees it is going to be REAL HARD for me to NOT jump on the bike and hammer out 30 miles. I must show restraint though :). It would only do more harm then good at this point in my Half Marathon Journey. I mean I have spent 12 weeks preparing for this event like a MadMan. The bike can wait one more week. Right???


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