Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Calories and More Calories....

March 18th was a glorious day for me. Twelve Weeks of hard training came to an end with my successful running of the March Madness Half Marathon. This day also marked the end of my calorie counting obsession. OK, an attempt, and my first attempt at that, to cure this obsession.

For over ONE year I have logged my calorie intake and activities on a daily basis at I have well over 100 custom entered food items on my account. If I ate out I would look up the nutritional info afterwards and log it in for the day. Unless the food items were generic, say like Milk or Cheese, I would custom enter it into Fitday. Food and Drink from Starbucks to Chillis to Diary Queen to Brown Cow. Every Single Day!!

It was good to me. I went from 236 pounds to 170 pounds. I know more about food nutrition then I ever thought possible. However, the time has come. I do not want to be consumed with having to enter my meals and what the exact calories of this and that are.

I need to let it go and I have. I may still think about what I eat. I may mentally tally my calories before deciding on ice cream or not. I just don't need to be obsessed with entering the numbers and seeing the numbers and maintaining deficiencies. I am sooo dang active that a burger from Red Robin or Birthday Cake Remix from ColdStone don't even put a dent it me :)

Simple fact is we should be eating when we are hungry. Just make smart choices.

Fitday was awesome for me and a great tool. I recommend it to all and any who are looking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Good luck. Later.

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