Tuesday, June 08, 2010

the MOVE

6.6.10 Wonder Lake Lakeside Crit

on this day i would continue onward with my struggles to figure this racing thing out.

it was me and the 4 year old who were making the trip North for the race. we left early, got lost, stopped to go potty, watched Barbie the Mermaid Tale, cried (that was me) and eventually found our way to registration 15 minutes prior to race number one.

Bangert was racing and had his family in tow as well. his lovely wife and two kids had offered to watch my daughter while we raced. super nice of them, but this is pretty much the norm on our team. it could be the Bangert's, the Knoepke's, the Speciale's, the Cook's ,the Curtis family.....ect.....this is a great bunch of people.

CAT 5 race. i didn't get much of a warm up in, but such is life. PSIMET Racing was represented in this race with 6 racers. i think Low and i had the same plan, watch Bellum Racing and do what they do. in the end they didn't really do anything though.

there isn't much to say about the race. despite 4 tight turns on this 1.3 mile loop the 5s were pretty calm. the pace was being driven by the xXx rider who we have seen drive the pace before. he is strong and was OTF a couple times.

with one to go i was on Low's wheel who was on Bellum's wheel. we were on the outside going into turn 3. i wanted to go and grab Low for a move, but in a blink of an eye a strong move went up the inside. i was left scrambling to get un boxed and back in the mix. i didn't and came out of turn 4 frustrated just strolling over the line for 12th (30 starters).

CAT Masters 30+ 4/5 race. approximately 60 minutes later we lined up for this race. the 4s had just finished and we watched Raviv ride strong for 4th. we had 5 riders in this race and for the couple of 4s this was back to back efforts.

my plan was to follow Raviv's wheel and get some racing education. here is what i learned; riding in the top 10 is way more better than not. srsly.

i fought to keep his wheel and did so until the very end. i lost it on the back stretch when a move was made that he followed. i attempted to bridge back up and take Joe with me. almost, but a combination of getting squeezed and popping in turn 3 had me toasted. Joe went by on the inside and finished 14th. i was 23rd out of 37.

Raviv finished 2nd. that was back to back races resulting in a 4th & 2nd. he should be a three any day now.

all done and my so so efforts and results had left me wanting......

however, watching the CAT 3 race changed that. one thing i love about cycling is the limits. the ones you know about and the ones you don't. pushing beyond them to do something one didn't think or know they could do. this is cool to see. watching a teammate do it, well that's priceless.

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tim said...

Turn 3 is tricky. I basically did the same thing you did last year and had similar results.

All of you guys are making progress every week. Instead of reading/hearing about everyone going out there and just pedaling, PSIMET 4's and 5's are actually racing mindfully. That leads to podiums.