Friday, May 28, 2010

Double or Nothing

it was 2008 when we coined this the Double or Nothing Metric. that year we did this ride on Saturday then hit the Udder Century Sunday, yes the very next day, for 100 miles. one day 62 miles with 6000 feet of climbing and the next day 100 miles in 5 hours (ride time). you had to do both to earn your Double or Nothing Badge. one of my most favorite cycling weekends to date.

the Double or Nothing name actually came about during the 08 BFNIC Spring Classic Ride. he was killing me up the hills. near the end of the ride i darted past and indicated last one to the top buys the first round. well, he grabbed my wheel, timed his jump just right, and hit the top first.

a few minutes later we approached another steep bugger. i dart past again and scream " Double or Nothing." i hit it hard at the bottom as i tend to do sometimes. too hard. midway up he zooms past me again. this was a longer climb though. i was falling back, but then i noticed he let up as he neared the top. i jumped on it hard.

as i neared his wheel the noise from the hard effort and my flapping wind jacket gave me away, maybe even startled Cy, and he droped the hamer one last time for the win.

tomorrow is the twenty ten version of the ride. good times. .

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