Thursday, June 24, 2010

bump n grind

*late report, but just got back from an extended vacation. time to find the bike and some form. i hope*

Sherman Park Crit this past Saturday. they had two 5 races, so i did two races.

first one, rode well and near the front. i was ready to make a move. however, i missed the one to go bell and had no idea the race was over. i never got my sprint on. mid pack finish. i blame the damn lady near the start/finish who rang her big arse cow bell every time around. or maybe not.

second one, rode well and near the front, but a bit too much on the inside out of the draft and in the wind. led a couple laps. payed attention this time and caught the one to go. tried to get my sprint on coming out of the last turn as i sat top ten. i left my sprint at home though. mid pack finish.

this was the least technical crit i have done all year. a complete oval where brakes should not be needed. i was involved in some bumping and grinding in race one. in race two i had a wheel near the front as things started to heat up. i am pretty sure it was my wheel and told the guy to my right as much. he hit me anyway. i thought his front skewer was going to rip apart my PSIMET hoops. next i think our bars hooked. he gave me the bump, i didn't panic, bounced off a guy shooting up the left (inside) and back into him. this sent him him off course. not sure if he went totally down or not.

that is 13 starts as a 5. my 4 upgrade is approved. now i go on vacation for 8 days. that should help my form a lot......

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