Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My First Love.

My First Love.
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another week, another business trip. good thing is my Mom and the Home Office Headquarters are in the same town.

My Mom keeps everything. plus in her line of business her basement ends up filled with M&M Candies. i love me some M&Ms. i am talking milk, dark, peanut and top secrect stuff. i was down there after dinner and sitting in the corner was this, my first bike. purchased for a troubled youth at the age of 13.

ah, the memories. seriously, this thing brought me freedom and excitement and fun. i would watch Lemond on TV then race around town. me and mook would map out a route then race it one at a time, both using this bike, and timing it with a digital watch. freedom i say.

i took the wheels off and put her in the trunk. she is coming home with me. thank you Mom.

anyone know a good mechanic??


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