Friday, February 13, 2009

down time...

after an excellent early season ride last Saturday i have taken some time off. i know, second ride of the year and i am taking time off???? rest and recovery is good, but i must be honest, this week the bike is in the shop for its Spring tune up.

anyway, it was 55 miles at a pretty aggressive pace for February. i met up with Psimet and some of his Bicycle Heaven crew for the ride. after weeks of solid indoor training i was looking forward to seeing instant results...........i did not.

i take forever to get warmed up, you know, find Stella's Groove. i think i did around mile 40ish and pushed it pretty hard the rest of the way in. i popped with about 3 miles to go. it felt good.

i did tweak my chronic pain the butt left IT band and knee. nothing too serious me thinks. while the body has been resting this week the mind has not. you know, a promotion never means less work!?@?!

with my current rig in the shop and my old rig not really in riding shape i may have to drag the mountain bike out this weekend for some limestone path cruising.

peace out yo.

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