Sunday, December 09, 2007

A week of NOTHING....

well, that is a bit of a stretch. however, this past week is the first since July that i have not logged any runs. not one. is it that marathon depression in full swing? is it the cold and crappy weather turning up my S.A.D. earlier then normal? is it that burning left IT Band? the one that has been screaming at me for two weeks? who knows??

i was thinking about all this running i have done this year. i spent some 30 weeks of 2007 preparing for two running events. the March Madness Half and the Chicago Marathon. that is more then half of my year. yikes, that is a lot. especially for a cyclist.

so, i think i need a break. its hard for me, mentally, to take breaks. i love being fit. i mean being really fit. hopefully some time off these next couple of weeks will launch me into 2008!!

wait, when i say rest i dont mean nothing. just less. see, i got this new cycling trainer that i need to break in :)

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