Friday, December 21, 2007

stir crazy

13 days since i have logged a run. 10 days since i have log any trainer miles. lunches at Smith & Willensky, Wildfire, & Ditka's, that included some Frogs Leap and Stages Leap, massive steaks and massive deserts, all before 2pm. not to mention the cookies and chocolates and muffins and crap that keeps flowing into our office. topping it all off is that burning sensation i have. no it aint pride or guanaria. its freaking Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

so, i am done with the self imposed break due to the self diagnosed injury. i can not do it. i picked up the mythical foam roller all runners speak of. i hope it turns my frown upside down. i used it yesterday and wow my leg muscles are sore. i plan to give the trainer a go at it this morning. then roll the legs out. then ice. then come back here and whine like a little baby some more.

have i mentioned my down time has been consumed by thoughts of high end home theaters? my basement project is under way. see the pics HERE.


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