Monday, September 03, 2007

My Week in Running........

Another week of training bites the dust. The past week had me achieving a Personal Record (PR) for weekly mileage, 29.5 miles, and a distance PR with Saturdays effort of 13.88. Sure that distance PR was just a bit more then my previous obtained at the 07 March Madness Half Marathon, but it still counts.

Tuesday = 4 miles at 9 minute pace. Plan was 4. Life had me running late (7pm) and after dinner. It was humid, sweaty, and crappy.

Wednesday = 7.91 @ 9:33 pace. Plan was 8. Ran before work at 8am. Things were sore and tight so I made an effort to run slow.

Thursday = 3.67 @ 8:34 pace. Plan was 3ish. Sore, tight, and tired all day. Then I hit the road and all was good. The speedy effort helped me shake it loose and it felt good.

Friday = 27.88 @ 18.3 mph average. My last Friday half day as Summer Work Hours come to an end. I was surprised how spunky the legs felt. Ended the ride with a 30 mph sprint on a flat road with a slight tailwind.

Saturday = 13.88 @ 9:12 pace. THE LONG RUN. Plan was 15. Well the old plan was that. I needed to get 13 this weekend. Then 16 to 20 to taper time :)! The middle of the run was a toughie. I had some stomach issues at the end.

These long runs can be very emotional. Ups and downs. I think about cutting it short, stopping all together, going longer then planned, feeling like superman, and so on. You gotta love the ups and downs of The Long Run.

August is no more. I ran 101.8 miles (9:06 pace) in August. Guess what? Yep, that's a monthly distance PR for me. About 20 miles more then my previous high I think. I had a fabulous weekend with the family. I rode 35 miles today in perfect 85 degree summer weather, despite fall being around the corner. August ends and September begins.

The 2007 Chicago Marathon is 4 weeks and 6 days away. I am not ready. I am not sure I will be ready. I will run on and continue to Respect the Marathon. Later.

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