Sunday, February 05, 2006


that is all i have heard on the radio for the past two weeks, THE BIG GAME, and every time i do, i am like WTF? really WTF is THE BIG GAME. then i remembered that those punk arse richer beyond belief peeps that run the NFL copyrighted the phase SUPERBOWL. so unless you are a paid sponsor, or become a paid sponsor you can't say SUPERBOWL in any manner that could be construed as a money making statement. you got that? THE BIG GAME!

uh, whatever. so as you know i am hooked on and it is helping me kick the ass of fatness. i log exactly what i eat and try to keep my calories under or around 2000. it really has jump started my Cleansing 2006. once i start to level out on the weight loss it will be hello gym, how you doing.

my point is, today i will be taking a break from fitday and the calorie counting starting around 4pm. i have little barbecue weenies, miller lites, chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, veggies and spicy ranch dip, and THE BIG GAME. it's a must. i love football and all that is THE BIG GAME. the commercials, the hype, the 8 hour pregame shows, man i dig it all. so let there be no diet from 4pm on, and go BEARS! Da Bears 29 Steelers 3. later.

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