Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And in this corner...........

we have 226 lbs. boo boo boo, you suck, we hate you, yeah what he said.

well i didnt expect to lose weight every single week, but it sure has been a nice run down to 225, er, 226 lbs. the breakdown and recap to date:

  • 1/3 = 236 lbs
  • 1/10 = 232 lbs
  • 1/17 = 233 lbs
  • 1/24 = 229 lbs
  • 1/31 = 225.5 lbs
  • 2/6 = 226 lbs

i will take it. the earlier pic is in reference to the fact that i am home alone with Baby J while the wifey works late. before you jump me about the diet, it was regular coffee and not some fancy frapalapachapaslapameinthefacechino. regular plain old black coffee has minimal calories which really makes me happy.

this just in, the superbowl was a super suck fest. could that game have been any worse? no! the refs blew, seattle blew, big ben blew, the bus stalled, that seattle big mouth tightend had catching the ball issues. just a real piece of crap game. however, i did manage to partake in 12 amstel lights and a crockpot of little barbecue weenies. holy crap, no wonder i didnt lose any weight. i am out. later.

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