Thursday, June 16, 2005

Back on the Trail...........

Well it took me two weeks to fix my bike, clear up my poison ivy, and mentally recover from the hell that was my Memorial Day Ride. It was tough but my arse was back on the singletrack today. It was freakin awesome in Chicagoland, 77 degrees and sunny. I guess this is spring, wait, summer, no that was last week with temps in the 90s. Ah, it must be fall??

So I hit the local trails for 7.25 miles in 46 minutes with a 9 mph avg and 18 max speed. Felt good to get some exercise and I forgot how much I like to mountain bike. I did take the clipless pedals off as I just aint ready to be attached to my bike while screaming 18 mph down hill towards a log jump switchback turn. That be mountain bike lingo for you.

Fridays in the summer at my job are half days. We work "Summer Hours" which are Mon thru Thur 7am to 415pm and Fridays 7am to 1145am. I don't have a desk job so the finishing hours don't really mean shit to me. The point is tomorrow afternoon I am embarking on a fabulous W.H.W. What the heck is is the Waffle House Weekend.

The freakin Waffle House is like the best freakin place in the world. Hash Browns all the way baby. I first discovered the Waffle House many years ago while on spring break in Florida. It has been true love ever since. Now, this just aint any waffle house, but the one and only with the classic yellow sign Waffle House. I will travel four hours so I can eat Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast before coming home Sunday afternoon. You do the math.

On a totally different note check out Alicia Martell's blog and the pregnant pics of a certain celebrity she has posted. I love the zipper down look. I am out. Later.

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