Monday, June 06, 2005

Anyone see Spring?

Today it was 88 degrees in the Chicago Burbs. I guess that means Summer has arrived. I love Summer and it can stay as long as it wants, but damn maybe a couple days of sunny and 70 degrees would have been nice.

I just finished watering my yard. Yes, it's 10:30 pm and I just said just finished. Watering a medium to large side yard with sprinklers has to be the biggest pain in the arse for a homeowner. You never can put the damn sprinkler in one spot where you soak the entire yard. It's like looking for that "G" spot thing. So damn hard to find.

Why do I even care to water? I know it will come back when the floods of summer rain come, but this is the burbs. The neighbor waters for an hour then I go two hours. I must have the greenest grass of all suburbanites. Said the water grass life I lead is.

I am a bit behind in my daily blog readings but you must check out the bushblog. If you don't check it out then you must be gay........................oh yeah the comments too. Later.

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