Friday, March 04, 2011

crossed up

finally, it's March, but mother nature is not convinced. temps are well below normal for this time of year. i just want normal. 40 degrees would be nice. instead we get 25 and light snow on this weekend.

/weather rant.

despite the above, i have been logging some miles outside these past weekends. it's March, but we have had a group of 8ish strong riders. i see some June legs in this group. a solid mix of CAT 4 talent with some tough love from a 3, every now and then, sprinkled on top. honestly, a couple of these February efforts were almost "epic."

while i dont have June legs, i am ahead of last season's pace. my main goal the past couple of years is to be better than the previous year. no matter if i am attempting Bicycle Tour Colorado, Dairyland Dare, or the Leland Kermesse. being relatively new (5 years) to cycling this hasn't been a problem.

eventually we hit our peak, get old, and flat line; athletically speaking.

so, 2011 training is going well. its hard, very hard, and time consuming, very time consuming. the hours are up, the outside mileage is up, the power is up, my ability to suffer like a dog is up.

my family has allowed me to obsess, i mean focus, this off season. i hope to bask in the glory of a successful CAT 4 season with them, when its all said and done. first, let's just get it started......

14 days until the first race of 2011.

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