Friday, January 07, 2011

as the year 2010 rolled to an end i was well into 2011 training mode. i am more focused and dedicated this winter than ever before. it's that classic cycling evolution thing; guy gets fat, guy gets smacked by life, guy gets bike, guy gets skinny, guy meets crazy cycling addicted dudes on Internet, guy rides many centuries, guy starts racing, guy sorta gets fast, guy becomes CAT 4. you know that classic.

however, what i need from time to time is that ride. it has no set qualities or requirements or companions. it can not be dialed up like 400w. sometimes you don't even realize your ride was that ride until it is well done and over. its not confined to 4 right hand turns by the USAC or ICA. it's that ride.

i had a couple as the year came to an end. one on 12/23 and one on 12/31. it is not the trainer delusions either. these two rides would be that ride no matter the time of year (so to speak).

i snapped some iPhone pics of the 12/23 effort. me, the 9, and snow storm.

is it march yet?


Nitmos said...

March? Yes please.

LaffyCaffi said...

Whats up aham - what are you weighing these days? -It's Mark (Sixpeeps)

Arron said...

srsly, after 18.5 inches of snow last week i am left with one question; is it march yet?

yo mark, long time no see. i have taken to bike racing. entering my second year and working hard this winter. trying to drop 5 to get below 170! power to weight ratio baby!

hope all is well with you. still doing those crazy mountain runs?