Friday, October 16, 2009

Double Double

some of you do this all the time. some of you do this at the same time. me, not so much.

Saturday morning looks to be cold and wet for the group ride. this means the turn out will be small. last week it was 35 degrees, sunny and very calm, but only four riders showed. it was cold for sure, but very doable and in another month we will be begging for these conditions.

so, with this fair weather bunch i could be riding solo. i will be there at 7:30am that is all i know.

later that day i plan to participate in the Scarecrow Scramble. this will be my first time doing this event and on paper it looks like it could be a nice family affair. my little princess is signed up for the 50 yard tot dash too!! she is super fast, just ask her.

sure the double double is not all that impressive considering the time gap between and the run only being a 5k. that being said, i normally don't do anything in a group easy. if anyone shows for the group ride it's on. if a dude in a vampire costume passes me on the run, it's on.

uh, the double double, it's on. later.

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GeorgiaSnail said...

General rule of can't let anyone in a costume pass you...