Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saddle Up

it is Dairyland Dare time. this should be a very interesting effort for me. since my glorious return from Colorado my time on the bike has been less, but good. no climbing work, but plenty of hard efforts and group rides.

although, last week and this week a thing called life has jumped up and bit me in me arse. i have only three rides, with last nights Tuesday Night Worlds effort being extremely poor.

yet the 200k of the DD is calling this Saturday.

Elevation Gain: 14,988 ft
Total Distance: 130.1 miles
Average Grade: 4
Rest Stops: 6

me being me, i want a better finish than last year, which was 8:23 ride time / 9:38 total time. i know, whine, complain, sandbag, but still expect to be better. ah, that is the way of the roadie.

we have solid bunch from the BFNIC heading up to Dodgeville Wisconsin for the ride. some of the best climbers our little gang has to offer. if they don't drop me like its hawt i should have comrades to attack shop hill road.

i also plan to keep a look out for Super Climbing Tri Girl and Minneapolis.
roll out.

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