Friday, July 31, 2009

Quality Time

last year as July ended i was burning out as i attempted to join the 700 club. you know, 700 miles of cycling in one month. the legs were dead. the IT Band was barking. i fell just short, in fact a ride short, since i took a couple days off to recover.

last summer July and August were about quantity.

fast forward to July 2010. i just finished my last ride of the month and have 434 miles for July. these are good miles. some of the best i have ever ridden.

since returning from Colorado i find it hard to trudge out solo on the old flatland routes that i call home. instead, i have been hitting up a couple group rides. the Tuesday Night "Worlds" ride is short and fast. the Saturday LBS ride is longer, but a step below in speed, when compared to Tuesday.

both are challenging and contain several stronger rides than i. i am having fun with them and the obvious progress i am making. endurance has always been my thing on the bike, but my recent tangos with speed have me thinking........


Psimet said...

It's a slippery slope brother.

CyLowe said...

I've ridden about 34 miles total since BTC. I need to find the mojo.