Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Team Flatlanders Is Back!

What a fantastic cycling adventure. The 2009 Bicycle Tour of Colorado was of the charts enjoyable. It is a cycling memory that I will never, EVER, forget. I rode my bike up and over two of the biggest passes Colorado has to offer. AND I did it well.

I have plenty of pictures and videos to share, but just need time to sort through them all. Stay tuned to the official BTC blog we started for those. You can find it via the Title Link for this post.

chew on these quick hitters:

-6 days of riding.
-553 miles
-35 hours on the bike
-33,000 feet of climbing (Garmin #)
-crossed the Continental Divide Twice
-earned the respect of serval mountain goats
-ate 32 PB&J samiches



Psimet said...

Nice work. Now....where are those pop tarts?

Arron said...

in my belly.....duh.