Tuesday, June 16, 2009


solo self supported century suffer fest was my Sunday.

the departure for Colorado is this Friday. need i remind you fantastic folks that this ride averages out to 92.5 miles per day?

my cycling fitness is at an all time high. 700 miles ahead of last year at this time. if counting hours (trainer and rides) i am 60 hours ahead of last year. i feel like the time has been well spent.

all of that being said, i needed a mental boost. i needed to be out on the bike for 5hours plus. thus, i mapped out a 100 mile route and hit the road at 7:00 am. i had two bottles of HEED and one Water, a Cliff Bar, two Hammer gels, and a plan to stop around mile 70 for more fuel. the weather was the opposite of my Saturday 40 miler, PERFECT.

first 70 miles were decent, but something was off. the old stiff neck of days past was up and causing troubles with my entire back. the wind was not calm anymore and coming out of the North West at a decent clip. the little gas station didn't have any cold samiches. after some water and a snickers i started to head back home which just happens to be all North and West.

the first 70 were around 18.4 mph pace while the last 26 were at 15.7 mph. not only did i suck it all the way back home, but i didn't even obtain the joy of seeing 100 roll over the cyclocomputer. man i really wanted off that bike around mile 80.

pre ride maybe i thought my alleged superior fitness would yield a herculean effort. i don't know?? later on i realized the SSSCSF was not a failure. i got what i needed out of this ride. mentally and physically i met the challenge. i finished and i re-learned how important on the bike nutrition is.



Slade said...

do that damn thing!

Nitmos said...

So...how'd it go? Did you live through it? Don't respond if the answer is No.