Thursday, May 21, 2009

three "R"s

recharge. regroup. re go go..................

i am suffering. not from a hard training day on the bike, but from Mother Nature. i turned 30 and started having some mild Spring time allergies. at 35 they are now interrupting my life. since i don't have time for this and every over-the-counter medication known to man that fights allergies doesn't work for me, i will spend lunch time at the Urgent Care today.

i need quick fix. three day weekend. Saturday is clear and free. Colorado is on my brain. i will be riding and putting in some serious efforts.

i need a pump me up right now. despite my recent lack luster efforts on the bike my numbers to date show i am headed in the right direction.

1-1-09 to 5-17-09

  • 109 total hours of bike, trainer, and running

  • Bike = 1017 miles for 61 hours

  • Trainer = 46 hours

  • Running = 2 & 1/2 hours for 15 miles

1-1-08 to 5-18-08

  • 75 total hours of bike, trainer and running

  • Bike = 572 miles for 34 hours

  • Trainer = 31 hours

  • Running = 9 hours for 61 miles

thirty four hours ahead of last year. all winter focused on building the engine for steady long climbs. Four weeks to go.

thinking about it, i guess the training is likely the reason my allergies are blowing me up. an extra 30 hours out on the rode sucking down the Spring Time air = le suck.

be safe, ride on, and enjoy the holiday weekend.

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