Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BTC Training.... coming along nicely, i think. i mean, i have never ridden up any mountains so how the heck would i know how??

i paid a visit to EndureIT Sports yesterday during my lunch break as i needed some Hammer Nutrition products. they carry a nice selection with pricing just below Hammer's online site. this shop caters to the triathlon crowd, but i do ride with them from time to time on the weekends. i have had several nice conversations with the owner, who is an accomplished Iron Man.

he ask what i am training for and i spit out my normal reply, "i don't race, just love riding and being in shape." OK, i did mention i have a little 500 mile ride in Colorado this June. i say i am about 4 weeks ahead of last spring to which he replies, "I can tell, you look fit."

i need to visit this shop more often. :)

click the title for a nice write up on my recent training trip to Cross Plains, WI.

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