Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sherman Park Crit

Near the front doing some work this past weekend at the Sherman Park Crit.

This was the CAT 4 race, my first of two. I flatted on the warm up lap. This ended those starting up front ideas. Luckily a teammate, not racing this field, was on hand to provide me his rear wheel. Much thanks Jesse.

I had good legs, but I followed the wrong wheel with one to go then took the wrong line for the sprint. At least 15 riders flew by me on the inside line. Live and learn. 25th / 71 starters.

Second effort was the the Masters 30+ 4/5. I wanted to start up front. We took the warm up lap, most of the field didn't, and I started at the back. Live and learn. My race lasted 6 minutes when a crash went down behind me & somehow a rider T-Boned my rear wheel. Impact was behind the rear derailleur and trashed the rim. I stayed up, but the wheel wouldn't spin and I was done. DNF.

That wheel will be missed. PSIMET originals, the second off his production line, built up in Sept 2008.

I doubt I go back to Sherman Park. The course was in horrible shape. The two races were so "nervous" and on "edge." Not sure what was going on.... Maybe someone else can explain it.

Not to mention cars were broken into and bikes were stolen.

Leland Kermesse is this Saturday (4/16). Last year as a 5 it was one of my favorite races. This year as a 4 it's longer and could be seriously interesting if the forecast holds true.

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