Friday, November 05, 2010

i see you twenty eleven

first, i need to complete my 2010 Fall Fling race report.

i raced weekend two of the Fling. it was hard. i did not do as well as i wanted. however, a teammate won the overall podium (CAT 4s). that was sweet.

second, it is almost time to start training for 2011. almost i say, since i have a the Canal Connection 1ok this Sunday, then a week long business trip, then the Red Eye 8k when i return.

after that it will be me, the trainer, the plasma, and more base hours then i have ever dreamed of completing. EVAR!

twenty eleven, i see you baby.


Matt said...

Last year I stalked your trainingbible account to make sure I was putting in more hours than you (mine is public, too). A bit like a competition you didn't know you were in. Now you know.

Base 1 Starts Monday. Bring it on.

Arron said...

looking back, i didnt really train much more then 5 to 6 hours a week. i had some pretty good fitness this year. i plan to double that time this winter.

game on. :)

Matt said...

I think my biggest week last year had 15 hours, but that included some cross country skiing and weights.

I start with the weights today (they made a big difference for me last season). Cadence work tomorrow. My bike is already on the rollers and the projector is warmed up. All I have to do is turn on the Segal movies and wait for March.