Thursday, August 19, 2010

the 100

last week i logged 1300 miles, behind the windshield of a car. most for work, some for fun. either way that seems like a lot.

after a nice get-a-way weekend in St. Louis with family and good friends i was free and clear on Monday. i knew exactly what i needed to do. what i must do.

the solo self supported century sufferfest (SSSCF) or the 100. no, the ride did not take place on the 9, but my trusty 06 Giant TCR C2. she and i have seen many a century, but none this year.

i departed at 8am in perfect conditions. the 70 degrees were fall like, but that is to be expected after weeks in the 90s. i felt good, rested, but leery of how the mind and body would handle the long haul.

the goal for the day was modest, under six hours. looking back at my past solo attempts i really did struggle with them. i have completed close to 20 single day rides of 100 miles or more since 2006. slow and fast ones. i know what to expect. as much as one can know what to expect when one plans to ride a bike for 6 hours.

the rundown
-legs were good, not great, & i faded near the end.
-i was oddly focused & motivated for this effort.
-had to improvise my planned route due to gravel.
-stopped around mile 60 to refill the bottles.
-Assos plus DZNutz is the only way to go long.
-5 hr 36 min total time / 5 hr 20 min ride time / 101 miles.
-consumed 5 bottles of water, 1 HEED, 1 Cliff Bar, 1 Kashi Bar, 2 Hammer Gels
-mixing Hammer Chocolate & Raspberry is a good idea.

a great day on the bike for sure.

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Tim said...

I did my first century of the year last Saturday. 125 miles. Team jersey, team bibs, PI wool blend touring socks, and a thick layer of Enzo's Buttonhole. Enzo's the man.