Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tik tok

time that is, not the current pop hit that is on the radio every 10 minutes that i sing like a little grade school girl.

it seems just like yesterday that i thought March would never come. now March is almost over. before March can end i will race. two races the last weekend of March. two events at each race. it seemed like a good idea at the time of registration.

training hours are up compared to last year. you may recall last year it was all about Colorado. the Bicycle Tour of Colorado; 6 days, 550 miles, two 12k summits. looking back at my training log i see 57 hours of training through March 31st. currently i am at 65 hours bike/trainer and 8 hours of core strength.

hours do not tell the entire story. training with power has given me motivation and focus over the winter. the hours have been harder and seemingly longer. much, much, more suffering this off season.

it is not all fresh roasted & brewed coffee around here though. lately, i am a bit lost, tired, and achy. my chronic left IT Band started barking at me last week. i am unsure how to transition the training outdoors and around events......ect.....

blah blah blah sings the current pop sensation. later.

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CyLowe said...

You gotta let off the pedal a little bit or you're gonna get all hurt and burned out and whatnot.