Thursday, January 28, 2010

race journal is a great site. check it out and see for your self.

i am no longer weight loss aham23, or century aham23, or getting high aham23, but racer aham23.

so, i just read all 33 of his racing tips. most are targeted at the noobies like me. one says i should keep a race journal. that is cool since i love my numbers and the tracking of them.

» Date 1/24/2010

» Name of event ABD Indoor Flat 10K TT

» Format of event Computrainer Indoor TT

» Number of riders 28 in CAT 4

» Placing 8

» Distance 10k

» Time 15:34:31

» Average speed 25 mph

» Notes on conditions, key moments and why I didn’t do better : Hot and stale. The last 5 minutes. I should have pushed the last minute harder. I should have kept my arse down on the seat the entire time. AVG pwr around 300w.

**edit** Coach and Captin's Race Write Up is HERE.

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Psimet said...

It was a blast watching you race.