Tuesday, April 28, 2009

up up and away....

it's April and i can't recall laying out my 2009 athletic plans. i can't believe the masses have not flooded my inbox for my 09 itinerary???

i like working towards one or two main goals each summer.
  • 2006 it was losing weight and getting healthy. 70 pounds dropped.
  • 2007 was the Chicago Marathon. i ran & survived in extreme conditions.
  • 2008 was all about cycling and mileage goals.
  • 2009 is the year of climbing.

climbing, but aham23 resides amongst the plain fields of the great Midwest where the steepest hill is his driveway. i know, it's crazy, but it's what we cyclist do. we do crazy and enjoy it. i take a lot of pleasure in knowing that i want to do, plan to do, and do do (ha i said do do) what most can't and many won't.

i am not easing into the climbing either. it starts in June with the 2009 Bicycle Tour of Colorado. a seven day tour, with six days of riding up and down the Colorado Rockies for 500 + miles. the route will take me to 10,000 feet and beyond. it will be epic.

note to self: "self what in the hell were you thinking? the most miles you have ever covered in a week is 248 and a month 704."

July will bring RAIN (ride across Indiana), which i love. every schedule needs a fast and furious 160 mile effort. RAIN is mine. i am sure i will want to PR in it if the cycling lords permit.

August is back to the hills. the Dairyland Dare 200k was a brutal 130 miles with 12,000 feet of climbing last year. i suffered so much i plan to go back.

September will show up and attempt to bring an end to my cycling season. my body and mind normally need a break from the the road around this time of year. not this year. this month will be my second "peaking." i have thoughts of traveling to Georgia for an extended weekend of Mountain love that includes the Six Gap Century.

what is next???? uh, i think that is enough. in fact, i need to find my bike and get to those driveway repeats......

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