Monday, March 30, 2009

the break of Spring...

Mother Nature has decided to remind me that she, not Mr. Calendar, is the controller of Spring Time. i got the memo MN. how about you chillax with the snow as it is almost April.

so, i am like a high school kid this week. i have some carryover vacation time that i am using for the balance of this week. Spring Break is in full effect.

what to do??? what to do??? i got some ideas. first, ride my bike no matter the weather. second, ride my bike no matter the weather. third, ride my bike no matter the weather. no matter the rain, the wind, the SNOW, the wind, the rain, the SNOW. no matter. you hear that MN?!@!?

toss in some possible water park family fun, at home movie theater fun, downtown museum family fun, and this week should be good. sure i will have to do some work at home as not to get buried, but the key is at home.

kicked off the Spring Break with 3o miles this afternoon. i actually enjoyed mashing the last 10 miles back home into a 18 mph headwind. i just imagined i was following the goat on a Rockie Mountain high...................

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