Friday, January 02, 2009

2008, the numbers....

you know aham23 loves his numbers. :)

2008 was my 3rd year of roadie adventures. i continue to enjoy cycling immensely. i pushed myself on the bike more then any other year. running was pretty much non existent, but that was ok.

these were some of my key events of 2008:

11.8.08 - Gobbler Hobbler 10k - 48:50
11.2.08 - Canal Connection 10k - 50:19
9.28.08 - Harvest 5k - 23:27
9.20.08 - Psimet Invitational - 67.2 miles / 3:07 rt
8.16.08 - Dairyland Dare - 131 miles/8:23 rt - 9:23 total
8.10.08 ABR Time Trial (2man with Psi) - 50K / 1:24 = complete sufferfest & 100% FUN.
7.12.08 - RAIN - 160 miles/7:56 rt - 9:03 total
7.4.08 - JBC 4th Metric - 62 miles/3:16 rt
6.1.08 - Udder Century - 100 miles/5:06 rt
5.31.08 - BFNIC Double or Nothing - 64 miles/4:09 rt
5.24.08 - Soldier Field 10 - 1:29
4.27.08 - BFNIC Spring Classic - 60 miles/3:60 rt
4.26.08 - birth of the Double or Nothing - 24 miles / 2200 feet climbing / 25 mph winds = EPIC

Total Cycling Miles = 3182
-my personal best by 600 miles. included topping 700 miles in August.
-logged outside rides in 9 of the 12 months.

Total Running Miles = 235 miles

Total Trainer Hours = 50

i really had some nice cycling moments this past year. i started participating in a local bike shop's Saturday group ride. they call it a "B" group ride, but several of these efforts yielded 19 mph plus averages for the 40 miles. i found myself being one of the stronger riders and that was a nice feeling. Psimet and i tried out the Spin Doctors (club know for their "hardcoreness") and i was pleasantly surprised at how strong both of us rode.

the BFNIC Double or Nothing weekend was likely my favorite of the year. 62 miles with 6200 feet of climbing on Saturday followed up on Sunday with 100 miles in 5 hours. it was early in the season, back to back hard efforts, with a great bunch of riders. man, that was too fun.

i think the moment that defines my 2008 season took place at the Dairyland Dare. a lovely 200k ride with 12,000 feet of climbing. the mileage was around a 100 and the road was Shop Hill. i wanted to stop, heck i wanted to quit.

"just keep spinning, just keep spinning...."
what a tough SOB of a ride that was. good times indeed.

i wanted 2008 to be my year of cycling and i think the goal was achieved. i maxed out my time over the summer to get those miles. i started the year off with a nasty IT Band issue, but after that i avoided injury. i took time off when i felt the burnout rolling in (September). i will get more mileage in 2009, but that will require more cold weather riding.

despite a higher mileage goal for 09 it will not be "the year of cycling, part two." no, there are big fish to fry or should i say big mountains to climb for 2009........

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