Friday, November 09, 2007

We Got The Funk.......

Sick, Uninspired, and Unmotivated.

Yeah, I know, who wants to read about my woes. Quick question though; did you think of Joey Lawrence or Keanu Reeves when you read Woe (whoa)? For me it was Keanu, but not the Bill & Ted version, the Matrix version. You know, when he is standing on that rooftop, after just doing something totally amazing, then stares into the camera and says, "Whoa."

O.K., a good thing is that besides being a bit sick my body is in good shape. Post Marathon I have logged a couple of bike rides and ramped the running back up to 20 miles a week. The speed is slowly coming back too. I feel good.

I have the Gobbler Hobbler 10k this weekend. I am looking forward to besting my 2006 effort. It is crazy to think that last year this 6.2 mile run was my longest ever. After that I hope to run one more 5k or 10k before brunt of winter rolls in.

I have some thoughts for December motivation too. Currently I have trudged 2882 cycling and running miles this year. I want 3000. I may knock this out by doing a December-A-Thon. WTF, you say? That would be running every day in December no matter how far or short. We shall see.

Finally, get over to and check out the most excellent progress Mark has made on his weight loss journey. Further proof that you do not need a gimmick diet or workout to drop weight. A healthy diet combined with exercise, hard work and dedication can give you the results you want. Also, check out Mark's site. He is a true artist with his camera.


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